Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"...Cuz Weeds are High Where Corn Don't Grow"

The Grascals: 'Where Corn Don't Grow'

In Denver, the Associated Press reported that the numbers of farmers who are considering suicide have increased across rural America.

The AP report said, the largest network of crisis hotlines in America for those in the field of agriculture has reported a 20 percent increase in calls through May of this year as compared to the same period last year.



News2K said...

While the story is sad, the music is great. I like the Grascals!

Jackie Melton said...

I'm glad you liked my choice. Travis Tritt wrote the song but, I chose the Grascals' performance over his and Waylon Jennings' performances. A matter of personal taste, I guess.

Thanks for the comment. It is sad news. I believe, culturally, we need to be careful in regulating the food supply and those who grow it. I think this "depression" among farmers across rural America may be an indication of that.

I fear the increased suicide hot-line call rate among farmers is the result of the "corporatization" of our vital food supply.