Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Springfield News-Leader Offers Interesting Articles about Community Improvement Districts

Kary Booher of the "Springfield News-Leader" has provided interesting and informative information regarding the use of Community Improvement Districts (CIDs) within the City of Springfield.

Today, Booher offers two new articles on the subject:

"Council believes it lacks power to turn down CIDs," and "CIDs trouble some Springfield merchants."

Past related articles, from the most current to the oldest, written by Booher (with one article having been written by Amos Bridges) on the subject are:

"Councilmen want tax rates posted"

Janss Lumber hints it could reverse course"

CID board applicants hold sway over future"

Backlash to proposed Commercial Street CID begins"

Businesses can seek exemptions"

City greenlights CID"

Tax proposal divides Commercial Street"

Even supporters worry about effect of new tax"

Opinions vary on Commercial Street CID"



Busplunge said...

I thought the WOW was a CID also?

Chestnut Expressway said...

I believe WOW was a GIFF...
but it is now a WWHH.

(Great Idea From Finnie)
(Wonder What the Hell Happened)

Anonymous said...

ROF LMAO, but seriously, WTF is happening at WWW?

Chestnut Expressway said...

Of course we need a
"Way Finding sign program" to help locate our major attractions which are closed for repairs....