Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday's Springfield News-Leader Correction

it was more than getting a name wrong

In my last entry, I pointed out that the online edition of the Springfield News-Leader's "correction" link is not accompanied by a flashy title or intriguing leed paragraph. Because the correction link does not indicate the subject of correction(s), when something beyond the misspelling of a name or an erroneous captioning of a picture appears, I may start trying to note it here.

Sunday's Correction at involved more than a misspelled name, as did Saturday's correction. Ironically, Saturday's correction needs a bit of correction too, see note added [in brackets] to the previous entry.

In Sunday's News-Leader correction, the paper reported that in a Thursday story concerning the potential of moving "current" fire and police employees into the LAGERS pension plan, firefighter union member Shawn Martin's remarks were "incorrectly characterized." The correction indicated that Martin had said, when the City has looked into moving those employees into that state pension system in the past, it was a move found to be "cost-prohibitive." Martin's comments were made during a police and fire pension task force meeting.

The News-Leader advises you can contact Robyn Bates at 836-1112 to make a correction.

Note: Thursday's story is no longer easily accessible at the online edition, if it had been, I would have linked it for reference ~ Jackie


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