Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Update on CU Deadline to Submit Application for Stimulus Funds

City Utilities (CU) gave a narrated powerpoint presentation to the Springfield City Council at their Tuesday meeting, before taking questions from the City Council. (Watch for the powerpoint at "CityConnect," they will likely post it, at some point.)

The subject of the deadline for the submission of CU's application, which I wrote about Monday night, came up as the Council questioned CU officials and employees.

After Councilman Nick Ibarra requested a copy, on behalf of the City Council, of the "something in writing," which CU General Manager John Twitty had earlier stated called for their application for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds by June 15, Twitty answered by reading from what he said was an FTA letter.

"Let me just read from it, and this is from FTA in Kansas City: 'With regard to ARRA funding, while CU has discussed the possibility of funding some costs related to a downtown transfer center with ARRA formula funds, FTA questions whether there is sufficient time to do so,' and this is written after we've given them an update of where we are, literally, right now," Twitty said. "'Grant applications must be submitted to the regional office by June 15, 2009 to assure timely completion of processing,' and, again, you may not have been here, I think, maybe, the information that you had was on Department of Labor (DOL) funds and these are Department of Transportation funds, and perhaps those agencies have some...."

Ibarra interjected, "Is there any way I could get a copy of that?"

Twitty: "Sure."

JackeHammer plans to request a copy of the document as well, not that I doubt Mr. Twitty's word but, it would be nice to know the particulars of the letter, the date and such, and to share that information here. So, more to come....


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