Friday, May 01, 2009

Zone 3 City Council Seat; How the Votes were Cast and the Tally

The City released the vote breakdown on the Zone 3 City Council seat late Friday afternoon.

Here are how the Council members voted:

O'Neal: Compton, Herd, Schilling, Scott
Ibarra: Bell, Cady, Compton, Herd
Rushefsky: Cady, Compton, Howey, Schilling
Stephens: Cady, Compton, Johnson, Scott
Burlison: Bell, Cady, Howey, Scott
Chiles: Cady, Compton, Schilling, Scott
Rush: Cady, Compton, Elkins, Scott
Bailes: Compton, Howey, Schilling, Scott

Vote totals for each candidate:

Bell: 2
Cady: 6
Compton: 7
Elkins: 1
Herd: 2
Howey: 3
Johnson: 1
Schilling: 4
Scott: 6


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