Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Do You Support Our Troops?

You have an opportunity to express your gratitude to a local weapons troop today.

Head down to Commercial Street to give them a big send off, let them know you love, appreciate, and care for them, between 9:45 and 10:15 am today.

If you have a flag to carry, carry it.

If you can wear red, wear red.

Get there early, parking may be a little difficult to find close to Commercial, be prepared to do a little walking, so wear comfortable shoes.

Tune in to KSGF, 1260 AM or 104.1 FM, for more details - Vincent David Jericho is broadcasting live from Commercial Street this morning.



Jack said...

I'm curious why you chose that headline? As a journalist I know you understand the power of a headline. Were you sending a message, implying anything, or what?

[winky winky]

Jackie Melton said...

I really didn't give it much thought, believe it or not. I just thought this was a good way to show support to troops who were heading out this morning.

There really wasn't any conscious hidden message. My head's been too befuddled with allergies to think clear enough to intentionally plant any hidden messages right now, UNFORTUNATELY. Otherwise, that headline might have been more fun for me at the time I wrote it, now that you mention it. Haw.

Jackie Melton said...

By the way, Jack.

Do Panty Hose Support Your Legs?


Jack said...

Only when I buy the plus-sized ones.