Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nixa Sucker Days

Music, luscious scents, local crafts, food, fun, and politickin'

I don't know if "sucker" fish are supposed to be served cold and hard, or how many people got cold, hard, fried fish today but, we were in the first part of the line, and we refused to let it spoil the fun as we headed up and down, up and down the roped off section of Main Street in Nixa today.

My husband lured me into attending Nixa's 52nd annual Sucker Days event with promises of plenty of craft booths. I think we managed to check out every booth, including two "Scentsy" Wickless Product booths.

The first booth I visited was warming "grape granita" scented wax. It was a wonderful scent. When asked, the "Scentsational" Consultant Tammy Tipton said, "yes," it was a personal favorite. I picked up some literature on how to become a "Scentsational" Consultant from Tammy and later found "Escential" Consultant Lisa Young running another "Scentsy" booth. There I got a brochure outlining the products.

Because the candle scents are warmed with a low-watt light bulb, there is no fire involved, no fire hazard, and another nice perk is, you don't have to live with the smell of the smoke after you blow out the candle. The scents are infused in candle wax and sold in bars or bricks. You break off a section of the bar, place it into one of their truly adorable, decorative warmers and you're done. They also sell plug in warmers, the plug in warmers are cute too. I don't know how many plug in warmer styles are available but Tammy told me there are 40 different warmer designs. The 80 different scents they boast are strong and rich. Scentsy also carries "car candles" and room spray. If you think you're interested in these products, go to Scentsy's Web site, visit Tammy Tipton's page or Lisa Young's page. Both Web pages have a link to an online catalog.

If you are a chocoholic you might think about contacting Independent Chocolatier Jennifer Barnett. Who doesn't love chocolate!? Jennifer said making chocolate and baking was something she loved to do anyway so, selling this special line of Dove Chocolate (unavailable at the store) was a perfect fit for her.

For the candy maker, Barnett sells a professional grade tempering unit, top quality chocolate molds, and transfer sheets; for the romantic, there is a Heart Fondue Set; for celebrations, the company features a "Girl's Night Out Kit," including a decadent chocolate martini mix; Surprise visitors? No problem. Try making a quick but fancy dessert with "Dove" mousse mix. You can view the Dove products here.

I also visited with "Jordan Essentials Bath and Body" representative Bo Yoachum. Jordan Essentials used to be known as "Country Bunny Bath and Body." Yoachum said when the company decided to go into international sales, the name Country Bunny did not translate well, so they changed it. You can look at the Jordan Essentials Catalog here. They have bath, body and spa products.

There were lots of other booths, too numerous to mention.

Grace Community Worship Center had a booth set up, they were passing out sample cookbooks to those standing in line waiting for cold, hard sucker fish (sorry, I'm sure I'll forget about it after a warm dinner).

The Nixa Police gave me a black plastic cup with their name in white, a pen, and pamphlet on speeding was snuggled inside. Thanks guys!

AND what would an event like Sucker Days be without some good old Ozarks politickin'!? :)

My husband's ulterior motive to get me to Sucker Days was his desire to pass out brochures for 7th district congressional seat candidate Jeff Wisdom, and, that he did, along with a few other volunteers. Wisdom's campaign manager Jeremy Boyt was on hand in lieu of Wisdom, himself. Wisdom is in the Navy Reserves and had training today so, was unable to attend.

Jack Goodman was on hand, and I saw several Robin Carnahan stickers on blouses and shirts in the crowd. Goodman is also running for the 7th district congressional seat, and Carnahan is running for Kit Bond's old Senate spot against Republican Roy Blunt.



Bo Yoachum said...

Thanks for the plug Jackie. Don't forget that Jordan Essentials is made with all natural products and made locally, right here in NIXA MO. We offer one-on-one pampering or pampering for you, family, and friends! Great way to also make a little extra income and work the hours that YOU want!

Tammy said...

Thanks for the plug Jackie, You said wonderful things about Scentsy. There are 4 different styles of plug-in and each style comes in four different colors. I also do home party's where you can earn free and half priced items. Scentsy is a wonderful and safe alternative to candles. Again thanks for the kind words

Jackie Melton said...

You "girls" are very welcome. I also heard from Jennifer in a private email. It was fun to talk to all of you and you do have great products!