Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Fine Feathers"

I have one of these lovely [Enid] Collins of Texas "Box Bags."

Mom gave it to me two or three years before she passed. I had always admired it. I got it out today and dusted it off. It has a golden peacock with topaz, clear, and amber stones, and a golden sun with topaz stones on it. The purse's title is "fine feathers."

After I cleaned it up I did a google search for Original box bags by Collins of Texas and found out it's a pretty special little bag. I couldn't find any "fine feathers" bags on the internet. Do you think that makes it one of the more rare box bags she made?

Anyway, I was already planning on using it for the summer, now I'll be even more proud of my little box bag than before I found out about its history.


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