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Hallsville, Ohio Indian Summer Festival 1975

Schedule from first festival in 1974

I'm posting this because some of my husband's cohorts have heard him talk about organizing the Indian Summer Festival in Hallsville, Ohio.

The first festival was in 1974 but, I found this old newspaper clipping from 1975 and wanted to recreate it here. Some of you who have heard, in particular, the story about Porkchop the rodeo clown and Thunderchicken the Sky-diving clown, will get a kick out of the story, since you know even more of the background than what was provided in this article.

Here's the article, recreated:

Clown to bring festival glimpse to shopping area

HALLSVILLE-- Persons who haven't made it to the Hallsville Indian Summer Festival yet can get a glimpse of one festival feature Friday evening at the Chillicothe Mall.

Porkchop, the rodeo clown from Wiley's Flying W. Rodeo, will arrive at the mall by helicopter about 6:15 p.m. Friday, weather permitting. The helicopter will set the clown down behind the Borden Burger restaurant, where he will put on a short show with a trained donkey, pass out free festival ride tickets, candy and hamburger coupons.

The clown will leave the shopping center about 6:30-6:45 to return by helicopter to Hallsville for the 7 p.m. rodeo performance. Donations from merchants in the mall and in the Kingston-Hallsville area made the special show possible.

The second annual festival opened Wednesday afternoon with a small crowd but an exciting program, according to festival organizers.

A flag ceremony presented by the Air National Guard at the festival opening drew an excellent response, according to festival officials.

"I saw several people choking back tears," said Larry Melton, an officer on the festival committee. "It should have been on national television. For a little old dinky festival like this, it was way over our heads."

The festival drew an opening crowd estimated at 300.

"The weather was not that great, but it was better than last year's," said Mrs. Robert Haynes, another committee official. "Last year, it practically rained us out. This year, we are in a better spot and more organized."

In addition, Mrs. Haynes said, many events for which admission was charged last year are free this year.

There also are new attractions.

The United Methodist Church is sponsoring a bean dinner in a tipi hand-painted by Hallsville youth. The church also is using a log cabin built by church men for a food booth. A country store sponsored by the Hallsville youth center is operating again this year. In addition, Army Reserve members will bake bread in field ovens at the festival Saturday, and sell the bread to raise money for the youth center.

The festival originated last year to raise money for a youth center to serve the rural Colerain-Green Township area. The goal is to acquire land and build a youth center building.

Tonight's festival activities include a karate demonstration at 6 p.m. by black belt instructor Don Madden and his students. During Wednesday night's demonstration, Porkchop the clown and Thunderchicken the Sky-diving clown added to the show by sparring with the karate experts.

The rodeo performance tonight will be held 7-9 p.m.. There also will be bingo throughout the evening and a gospel sing featuring the Joint Heirs.

Friday activities will begin at 4:30 p.m. Thunderchicken will parachute onto the festival grounds at 5 p.m., then offer hot air balloon rides for children at 6 p.m. Another karate demonstration and another rodeo performance will begin at 7. Bingo and another gospel sing also will be held.


Jackie's note: Larry tells me he built the tipi where the beans were served. He also said that he was the one who built the log cabin. The paper reported it was built by "church men."

Hallsville, Ohio Indian Summer Festival Schedule of Events, 1974

Thursday, Sept. 29

5:30 Opening Ceremonies
Flag raising by Mt. Logan Livestock 4-H Club. Advisors: Harold Schwalbach, Don Clever, and Ronnie Montgomery
6:00 Indian Princess Parade with judging immediately after.
7:30 Karate Demonstration.
8:00 Talent Show, Two classes -- 13 and under and 13 and over, Prizes! ! Any Talents Invited! ! Midway Open All Evening.

Friday, Sept. 30

6:99 Hog Calling Contest
7:00 Karate Demonstration
8:00 ALL STAR Wrestling
9:00 Square Dancing (with cake auction at intermission)
Midway Open All Evening

Saturday, Oct. 1

8:30 a.m. 10 Mile Hike for Hallsville Community Center.
2:00 Fun Games For All Ages
4:00 Karate Demonstration
5:00 Parade Lineup
6:00 Parade
8:00 Square Dancing 'til Midnight. Cake Auction at intermission.
Flea Market All Day Saturday ($5.00 per space). Call Bob Anderson 655-2629. Midway Open All Evening.

Sunday, Oct. 2

12:00 Horse Show.
12:00 Midway Opens
2:00-6:00 Ride all rides for $200.
7:30 Tent Worship Service

Amusements Provided by Nolan Shows Inc.
All Proceeds go to Hallsville Community Center


Jackie's Note: Coming soon: "Melton's Feats Rival Daniel Boone" -- (Ha)


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