Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Week at Baptist Press: NH Gay Marriage bill; Boggs on Abortion

Following up on last week's "Baptist Press" (BP) posting, there is more news developing in New Hampshire as relates to gay marriage legislation. Read "NH 'gay marriage' bill heads back to legis," written by assistant BP editor Michael Foust, to follow the issue.

Then, "Baptist Press" editorial columnist Kelly Boggs continues to pull no punches when it comes to where he stands on the topics of the most heated debates of the day.

In this article Boggs wrote:

"...Research indicates that 90 or more percent plus of all abortions in America are motivated by convenience and that 90 percent of U.S. babies identified as having Down syndrome are aborted. If a baby is conceived at the wrong time in a woman's life or is found to be less than perfect, then, society says, its life can be exterminated on a whim.

"A developing fetus is biologically alive. It grows and changes rapidly, but these characteristics do not make it alive as a person," wrote Steven Maynard-Moody in the book "The Dilemma of the Fetus: Fetal Research, Medical Progress and Moral Policies." To abortion advocates, babies in the womb are alive alright; they are just not persons....

...The Nazi's had a term they used to justify the killing of innocent life. It was "lebensunwertes Leben" which means "life unworthy of life." Anyone the Nazi's deemed were "not persons," like the disabled or Jews, were simply killed and disposed of like garbage. Sound familiar? It should, as it is the same calloused, hard-hearted position that supporters of abortion in America take right now."



Jack said...

Comparing your opponent to the Nazi's? I have to tell you Jackie ... that is not an intelligent or articulate argument for Baptist Press to make. I'm sure it works, but it is not really journalism, writing, critical thinking, or Christian for that matter.

It perfectly illustrates why I questioned research or stats that Baptist Press comes up with last week.

Jackie Melton said...

I don't necessarily disagree with you. It's a pejorative comparison, that much is true.

Boggs is one person. He writes a weekly editorial column for BP.

I would say your argument should be with Boggs, not the Baptist church or Christians, as a whole.

I just figured I'd share what he wrote, that is what my weekly reports on the Baptist Press are intended to be about, what they are writing about at Baptist Press.

I'll let the chips fall where they may.

It is not a comparison this Baptist Christian would have made but I do understand his concern about some "pro-choicers" identification of a fetus as having a life and yet not being a person until after birth.

Again, if someone questions the validity of quotes and research, then it is up to that person to prove the quotes or research are incorrect, merely casting suspicion about the credibility of a source based on a "first person" category editorial written by one writer, in my opinion, is unfair without substantiation of the charge.