Friday, July 11, 2008

Recommended Reading 26: A "Rocket Graveyard," Suzi Brozman

Yesterday, I read James Regions' letter in the Springfield News-Leader and I found some of the comments to that letter very disturbing.

As a continuance to "Recommended Readings, 20-22 and 23," I wanted to update with Suzi's new installment on the Israel story she is writing, since her recent, first trip to Israel.

I thought it was particularly timely after the publication of Mr. Regions letter.

Excerpts, (use the link to read the entire, riveting article).

COVER: A 'Rocket Graveyard'
Dealing with attacks in southern Israel

Suzi Brozman
Staff Writer

"...Surrounded by enemies, Israel cannot afford to relax its vigilance for an instant. For that reason, every inch of the border with Gaza is under constant scrutiny, both live and on camera. At the base, a command room filled with computer monitors is staffed by young women, members of the IDF. Each monitor scans a particular area of the terrain separating Israelis and Gazans, showing pictures broadcast from a network of cameras stationed along the borders trying to detect every movement, every possible terror attempt....

"The process is not foolproof, but it is effective. We were shown tapes of incidents where terrorists were caught trying to cross the border. We also saw times when they weren't stopped. Botched incidents are studied carefully to learn how to recognize the next attempt.

"A commanding officer briefed us on the situation. Twenty settlements are in the area. The 12 nearest the fence are the least secure. Two weeks before our visit a major truck bomb reached settlements inside Israel. The officer warned us that Hamas has been strengthening its positions and issuing more dangerous, upgraded threats in recent days. Missiles, he said, are the main threat now, and they are harder to deal with than terrorists whose movements are easier to follow, though there are daily attempts to cross the border fence, and there are nightly sniper attacks. Terrorists try to cross on the ground by cutting the fence or underground through tunnels. This is how Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped...."

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