Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New issue of CFP hits the Web and the stands!

The new issue of Community Free Press is on the Web and in the stands!

Top story: "City Seeks Possession of Skatepark; Contention between Adams and Weatherman causes breakdown of mediation and prompts legal action."

The Council column I turned in touches on how renewal of the CIP tax was approved by voters with the Commercial Street streetscape project listed as a new priority project just before Council approved Commercial Street's designation as a TIF district. Tax increment financing could have covered this cost but it isn't needed, voters already approved capital improvement revenue for the project, read more....

Brian Brown completed: JUSTICE DELAYED PART 2 OF 3; ‘Systemic’ Problem Faces County Justice, a very interesting read. Part 1 of 3 can be read in the July 2 issue, "Justice Here is Justice Delayed; A shortage of judges and defenders compounds the county docket overload."

Bob Mace is teetering on "The Edge" again in "Short-Circuited?"

...and there's a whole lot more, including Managing Editor Mert Seaton's announcement of his brand new family member, Lucy Ann, in "Random Thoughts While on Baby Leave."


For an interesting editorial take on the City's, apparent, desire to take over the Springfield Skatepark, I'd direct you to Stu Soloman's blog, "Stu's Potluck."

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