Thursday, July 10, 2008

Recommended Reading 25: Alternative Autism Treatments

Fringe autism treatment could get federal study

The "fringe" treatment, referred to, is chelation.

Interesting read.


Anonymous said...

Some other related information
on the subject.

Representative Dan Burton, Indiana, United States Congress (Mr.Burton's grandson became "suddenly Autistic" after receiving nine vaccinations in one day)

2002 Governmental Reform Investigation-Mercury/Vaccines/Autism


J.B. Handley NBC Interview Autism & Mercury Poisoning February 25, 2005

Symptoms of mercury poisoning / Symptoms of Autism / boy / girl ratios ADHD


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. comments on the American / CDC vaccination program.

part 3 covers his key points....


Dr. Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky Chemistry Department

2000 IOM Conference Research funding corruption at 2004 IOM Conference / NIH


Robert Kennedy Jr.

Steve Wilson

The American/ big pharma vaccine schedule is in need of major reform.

Anonymous said...

Autism is
not the big mystery
that the CDC, NIH
and big pharma wants
the public to believe.

Steve Wilson article from

Anonymous said...

Senate 18 month
investigation into
the CDC and FDA vaccine program.

also/ be careful of those new cf lightbulbs...