Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The new issue of the Community Free Press is on the stands and the Web site!

The Web site offers an in depth and extensive Voters' Guide (also included in the print edition but the print edition directs the reader to the Web site for more information). I'd recommend it for insight.

Brian Brown completed his third in a three part series entitled, "Justice Delayed."

Bob Mace's column, "The Edge," was not in the print edition!


Don't sweat it, you can get your "Edge" fix online at the Web site, front page, no clickin' necessary.

Mert Seaton reported on the City Manager finalists, page 1.

Another spotlight: CFP Intern Jennifer Hollis has a great article in the business section. "Airport Terminal Up, Passengers Decline," page 21.

If you value your local community paper, provided free to you by the publisher, please, support the advertisers!

If you have a business and need to advertise it, do consider the Community Free Press as a great medium to get your message out.

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