Friday, July 25, 2008

Hulshof needs to stop negative attacks against Minority Candidate

I am really tired of all the negative attacks Kenny Hulshof is making against Sarah Steelman for running negative ads against him.

Shouldn't he be talking about his plans for Missouri!?

Negative, negative, negative. He should be ashamed of himself. What does he have against a woman Governor?



tom said...

"I am really tired of all the negative attacks Kenny Hulshof is making against Sarah Steelman for running negative ads against him".

From my perspective if you are just pointing out what an individual has done while serving in the public sector that isn't a negative ad.

Steelman has been right on the money on Hulshof's voting record and those facts can't be denied. Kenny is rated lower than some democrats in terms of his congressional scorecard on his spending habits while in DC.
He can talk all he wants about being Pro-Life as this will garner him about 20% however to point out all the business organizations that support him has lead many of us to think twice about who to support.

The Chamber of Commerce supports the taking of land via eminent domain and giving it too private developers, they also endorse Kenny Huilshof which means anyone that signed the petition to end eminent domain abuse should steer away from Mr. Hulshof

Stu Solomon said...

Umm....according to the last census, in 2002, 51 percent of the population of the U.S. are female. Males outnumber females 105 to 100 up until age 29. In age groups from 30 on up females outnumber males.(Google "men/women ratio in U.S." to get the pdf document)

So, exactly which minority does Sarah Steelman represent? I don't think you can fairly say female voters are a minority, because exit polls have consistently shown females to be the more highly represented group. The census establishes women as a majority.

Does she perhaps represent a minority of unqualified female candidates? I don't think she'd like that moniker, even if it is true.

Maybe she represents a minority of physically attractive professional politicians seeking to rise in the political foodchain?

At any rate, if you're implying she is a minority by virtue of gender, you're mistaken.

By the way, exit polls also show a propensity among female voters to choose male candidates over female candidates in many political races. I don't think there's really very much rhyme or reason to it.

I don't support either of these candidates. They're too big on legislating personal morality and not too sharp on fiscal matters.

Jackie Melton said...

Meant as irony and jest. Not meant to be taken so seriously.

Stu Solomon said...

Well, I guess the little smiley didn't cut it for me. Maybe work on that sarcastic tone in print. Not so easily understood, hehe. My bad. Well, then. I stand by my post, anyway. They're both fiscal twits. How she became treasurer is beyond me, unless it's that pretty face of hers.

tom said...

pretty face ??

surely you meant that tongue and cheek !! Then again compared to Kenny I guess I would have to say she is the "eye candy" in this race.