Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An update on a previous posting

In Tight-fisted City (and Councilman?) make it Difficult, I wrote:

CFP got a response, on June 18, from City Clerk Brenda Cirtin about the February 15 meeting referred to during the course of the February 1 meeting. The Administrative Assistant for the Committee was out of her office and unable to respond so I had forwarded my query to the City Clerk:

"I have checked our files and there was no meeting posted for the Compensation Package Sub-Committee on February 15." Ms. Cirtin wrote in an email.

Granted, my query specified a particular meeting in this instance, however, originally, I had requested all meeting minutes regarding the committee from Ms. Smith and there were no other meeting minutes beyond the February 1 meeting of the Compensation Package Sub-Committee included with those minutes.

Here's the update:

Upon further communication with City Clerk Brenda Cirtin it has come to my attention that the meeting was posted, but not as a Compensation Package Sub-Committee meeting, it was posted as a "Community Visioning Exercise," because of the way it was posted, it was missed by Ms. Cirtin. It was an unintended oversight on her part.

Ms. Cirtin was unaware of previous queries I had made to Sharon Smith of the City Manager's office and Sharon Smith was out of town when Ms. Cirtin, kindly, tried to assist me with an answer to my question regarding the February 15 meeting. It would be unfair of me to imply that Ms. Cirtin should have known of requests I had previously made to Ms. Smith and I felt that bore noting to readers here.

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