Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Edited content

I decided to edit out the blog I posted in this spot last night. Once in a while I lose focus of what my goal is for this blog.

The issue I posted on earlier was a complicated issue and very much out of the realm of what I'm trying to do here.


CW McCall said...

YOu could have done what some other bloggers do when they publish something off the wall: just delete it and never mention it again.

Jacke M. said...

Hi CW, I thought about doing that but, since I became a member of Blog Net News, I knew it wouldn't be updated for a while and still show the original topic at their site.

I have deleted my own posts a time or two in the past. I always wonder and consider the best way to go about doing that and a couple of things I consider are, how many people have already read it? Does it have comments attached to it?

Anyway, it shouldn't be that big an issue. :)