Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Park Central Square's New Sidewalk and Streetscape Design

Did you know you can view the Sidewalk/Streetscape plans for Park Central Square at Community Free Press' Web site? Click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

You can thank us later.

Letters of praise to the editor are always appreciated. :)

We work hard over there.


Anonymous said...


'We work hard over there.
We can tell that from the CFP.

12:10 AM post ? / hope you catch up on your sleep...

that bus guy is long asleep by then..

Jackie Melton said...

"We can tell that from the CFP."

Thanks. I'll pass that along. :)

As long as that bus guy parks the bus first....

Busplunge said...


The bus guy can stay up past 8, he just doesn't like to.....