Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spotlight on Candidates: Travis Maddox, Candidate in Missouri's District 7

Travis Maddox, (see Community Free Press, January 30 issue, page 2) is running against Congressman Roy Blunt in Missouri's District 7.

Maddox is the state vice-chairman and ballot access coordinator for the Constitution Party.

Today, I received a campaign ad from Maddox:

Does the Blunt Money Machine Best Represent South West Missouri?

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In a District where the median income is around $33,000, with many making less, does Congressman Blunt's money machine represent us? In a recent Joplin Globe article listed below, Blunt has not only out raised past opponents but is one of the top fundraisers in Washington. He has received tens of thousands of dollars over the years from large companies ranging from tobacco to beer to oil companies ( OpenSecrets SourceWatch ) . Does this kind of influence help a Representative lose touch with his constituents? Representing Lobbyist and President Bush as a liaison, Blunt seems to forget who he was elected to represent.

Elect someone who WILL Represent YOU!

Support Travis Maddox for US Congress!

Read the Joplin Globe story, here.

For more information on Maddox: maddox4congress.com.
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