Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Recommended Reading 16: Classics

Classic busplunge

This morning, Jim Lee gives us all some timeless advice and because he is very inciteful and philosophical-like, he answers a very important question for citizens of the Queen City:

When Is It Proper To Act Like A Two-Year-Old?

Springfield is blessed that Jim's

"got opinions about dang near everything,"

and enough time to tell us about them.

For more classics (or at least some of my favorites) see, this, this, this and this (that was hard, I kept thinking of another and another).

To be continued?


Busplunge said...

And, my mother thought I was a cute baby.

Jackie Melton said...

There are so many response options to that, Jim, I don't know which way to go first. I'm like, oh...oh...oh..., and oh... ;)