Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Voice, Not an Echo

Following is an email letter which was sent out to Alan Conner's constituents. It was forwarded to me yesterday:

August 4, 2006

Media Contact: Mike Lodewegen, Campaign Manager

As we all know, anyone can file suit against anybody. The suit filed by Mrs. Noland is now in the hands of attorneys on both sides. I will not be surprised if this suit is dropped after we win the primary Tuesday.

We will be busy for the next four days campaigning as we are in this
Congressional race to win. Thank you for your continued support."

Your Republican Candidate for Congress, Alan Conner

For more information visit

Paid for by: Missourians for Alan Conner, Aaron Hunter, Treasurer "

I sent an e-mail query to Mr. Conner yesterday but it was not delivered because Mr. Conner's e-mail in-box was full. I guess many people had questions for Mr. Conner yesterday.

As I mentioned in reply to a Conner supporter in the comment section of my previous blog entry, The Fight for the 4th District Republican Primary, politics has been TOO much about money and not enough about issues and causes, it is time for a fresh face, and that face is Jeff Parnell. Mr. Noland has tried to beat Ike Skelton over and over again, he wasn't up to the task in the past, perhaps Jeff Parnell will be.

People all over the country are tired of the status quo. We are tired of wealthy Americans buying their way into their Statehouses and Washington, D.C. We are ready for the common man who is in touch with his base, the common man who knows first hand the plight of working hard to keep milk in the refrigerator and bread on the kitchen counter, the common man who struggles in the heat to do a good honest day's work to provide for his family, the common man who has not been so removed from the people that he can no longer represent them because he can no longer identify with them, himself. A common man with common sense. A voice, not an echo. That common man, that voice, is Jeff Parnell.

"Fine sense, and exalted sense, are not half as useful as common sense.--There are forty men of wit to one man of sense.--He that will carry nothing about him but gold, will be every day at a loss for readier change." ~Pope.

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