Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Getting to Know you, Getting to Know All About you..."

Oh well, I've just been bumming around visiting some local blogs. I haven't checked all of them out yet. I'm working off of The Rhetorica Network's local blog roll.

I like Dissonant Dissident but he hasn't blogged anything new since February 6, 2006.

Doc Larry at Lost Chord rubbed me the wrong way because he abruptly ended a discussion on his entry Who Said It?. In the course of the discussion I felt he misrepresented the USSC ruling on the 2000 election, wherein the USSC pretty much turned it back over to the State of Florida to be decided based on Florida State Law, but when I tried to point that out he let me know in no uncertain terms that it was his blog and the discussion was over. When I replied again he promptly removed my reply. I always think it is tacky when someone will not discuss their postings and debate an issue but, you know, he's right, it is his blog, if he wants to edit his comment section to disallow dissension about his opinions that is his business, I just thought liberals were all about the freedom to dissent, I guess that only applies to the original dissenter, mustn't dissent from dissent, or something like that? :0

Now, I'm not trying to get off on the wrong foot with anyone because I'm really looking forward to meeting the bloggers in my local area, hopefully at the next bloggers' meeting and I have this generous spirit which doesn't always come through in writing, a spirit which allows for clashing opinions without leading to the dislike of the one with whom I am clashing. I like lots of liberals, and like them a lot, I just politically disagree with them but they are usually pretty decent people in a mentally messed up sort of way...heh, heh.

I'm a conservative, somewhat waffling Republican who leans a little libertarian with a strong affection for the truth and facts. As a matter of fact I even blogged about HONESTY once. I suppose honesty and truthfulness run a close second to God Almighty on my list of priorities. Call it an extreme quirk but I've never been able to lie...it just isn't in me. When I even tell the tiniest of "white lies" it really bothers me.

So, I'm gonna keep checking in on local blogs. I had a good private exchange with Larry Litle of Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind and he seems like a very nice guy. Loved his story about The Tooth Fairy.

Shak El of Shak's Commentaries has been visiting with me. So I checked out his blog.

I plan to keep looking around, hoping to get to know the local bloggers a little before I meet them for the first time. I hope they are as easy on me as I plan to be on them, except for that Doc Larry critter. I might put the evil eye on him fer a minite ur tew, jest fer kicks. :)

The only problem with that is that in person I am very shy, reserved and a little hard to get to know, I don't expect that I'll be any different than usual at the bloggers' meeting. Be gentle with me. Please.

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