Thursday, August 10, 2006


Important Announcement:

There is a NEW "FairTax" Yahoo Group in town! I'd like to recommend that anyone, from anywhere in the country who is either a FairTax supporter or would like to learn more about the "FairTax" to visit: Bill H.R.25 / S 25 Support Group and request an invitation! In this group questions may be asked and a network of supporters will be there to help each other answer them. There's POWER in numbers, folks!

Here is the description of the group:

This group has been established as an open forum for grassroots "FairTax" supporters to meet without the contraints of working under AFFT, who must abide by IRS regulations and laws pertaining to a 501c non-profit group.

This is a completely open forum to discuss and advance Bill HR 25/S 25 to the President's desk for signature. Your ideas, research and voice is coveted. The owner wishes you to feel free to discuss political candidates, elections and endorse candidates, post articles and research information and share promotional ideas concerning the Bill known as the FairTax Act of 2005.

Feel free to discuss and report on this site how you perceive the FairTax to eliminate problems such as illegal immigration, Social Security funding, leveling the playing field in foreign trade, etc.

Your e-mail will not be limited here and there will be no complaints about the volume of e-mail sent. If any member has a problem with the volume of e-mail let it be known when you become a member you will be responsible for your own e-mail settings, you may opt to receive every e-mail or a weekly digest, it is each member's personal responsibility to limit their own e-mail as they desire.

As a group, we will try to address questions concerning issues pertaining to the Bill. Senators, Congressmen, State Representatives, Legislators and their staff are all welcome and members are encouraged to invite them and other supporters. This is not a State group, but an National group.


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