Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sign's FairTax Petition!

Ian, a member of the new Yahoo group, Bill H.R.25 / S 25 Support Group, sent the message a few moments ago that he had gotten on board with a petition drive! Here's the e-mail:

"I've been asking to put the FairTax on the front burner, and LO AND BEHOLD - IT'S HERE (see below).

FairTaxers, click the link below and JOIN's efforts (they're highly media visible) to lobby for the FairTax.

Also, send them a NOTE thanking them for HELPING TO SET THE FAIR TAX MOVEMENT "ON FIRE" throughout America.


From Alliance++

Your immediate action requested (see details below)

The time has come to end the tyrannical and oppressive tax system that is slowly draining the lifeblood of our nation.

That's why Grassfire has launched an aggressive petitioncampaign to demanding our leaders adopt a more progressiveFair Tax system. Click here for more: +

Fair Tax: An idea whose Time has come

Our dwindling workforce can no longer carry the ever-increasing tax burden. By scrapping the current, antiquated system, and adopting a consumer-based FairTax system, Americans would be given control of their tax burden!

In other words, you would keep 100 percent of your paycheck. Your savings and investments would never be taxed, and all current forms of federal taxation would end.

Additionally, such a system would create more jobs, and give the U.S. a level playing field when selling overseas.

Read more about the Fair Tax and how it can benefit you by clicking here: +

Calling on Grassroots America

While the Fair Tax isn’t in anyone's immediate future, we believe we can make this an Election Year issue. If grassroots Americans begin to raise their voices and begin demanding an end to the tax oppression, we can advance the Fair Tax cause!

Our goal over the next 60 days is to rally a minimum of100,000 citizen petitions. Once we reach that goal, we can get the attention of lawmakers on Capitol Hill--including Sen. Chambliss, Rep. Linder and others who support the Fair Tax Act of 2005.

We need you to step up and become a leader in this cause by adding your name to our national "Fair Tax" petition:

Thank you for being such an integral part of all we do atGrassfire, and be sure to read our latest Grassroots Alert! Alliance

P.S: In 60 days, must have at least 100,000 signatures to present to key leadership. Please add your name today and alert your friends to take action with you. + +

Sign our "Fair Tax" Petition: +

Read latest Grassroots Alert: The "Fair Tax": An idea whosetime has come: +

For more on this and other Grassfire issues:

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shak el said...

The Fair tax only works if you employer then cuts your pay. If your employer still pays you the same wage then there is no reduced tax burden on their end so they cannot lower costs to cover the embeded tax.

BTW, I used to favor the fair tax until I realized that it would lead to a massive wage reduction for the working classes.

Jacke M. said...

Shak el,

I am glad that you "used to" favor the FairTax. Rather than ceasing your support I wish you had simply asked someone questions about employers benefits of the FairTax because you are mistaken that they will not benefit.

First of all, an employer is required to match the FICA taxes paid by the employee. The employer will no longer be required to match those tax payments under the FairTax.

Another way an employer will benefit from the FairTax is in the cut of income tax compliance costs.

If you would read the Boortz/Linder FairTax Book you would have this explained. I'll do my best to explain it to you as briefly as possible here.

*"In 2005 the estimated TIME the average American spent on the process of compliance was up to twenty seven hours."

*If the taxpayer doesn't do his own taxes then he PAYS someone else to do them for him.

*Some Americans just don't bother to file to collect their refunds at all because they find the whole process so stressful -- causing them to lose money that they paid in unneccessarily.

*"Most Americans' paychecks are debited 25 percent for income taxes and nearly 8 percent for payroll taxes before the paycheck even reaches the hand of the worker. This, of course, doesn't even include the nearly 8 percent that every employer must pay on behalf of every employee...and virtually all economists agree that this extra 8 percent effectively comes right out of the employee's paycheck, too."

*"Since this book was authored, the Tax Foundation has released a new report. This December 2005 report calculates that 6 billion hours and $265 billion were spent to comply with the federal income tax in 2005. We believe the point is made quite well using even the older 5.8 billion hour estimate. Source: Tax Foundation Special Report,"The Rising Cost of Complying with the Federal Income Tax," December 2005, No. 138 ("

*"Both individuals and businesses spend countless dollars each year on tax seminars and educational forums, tax record keeping, and the preparation and filing of forms and returns."

*"Tax audits and litigation over tax returns are a deadly drain on the economy as a whole."

*Everything written enclosed in QUOTATION marks was taken directly from the FairTax Book, Neal Boortz and John Linder. Chapter 4

Shak el, there is MUCH MORE I could have written...I believe this is enough to make the case. Buy the book.

johnwk said...

The alleged fair tax, H.R.25, is rejected in a NEW POLL by more than a two to one margin in favor of our Constitution's original tax plan!

Seems the supporters of H.R. 25 are unable to defend their socialist friendly proposal against the wisdom of our Founder’s original tax plan.

The only tax reform we need is to have the following words added to our Constitution:

The Sixteenth Amendment is hereby repealed and Congress is henceforth forbidden to lay ``any`` tax or burden calculated from profits, gains, interest, salaries, wages, tips, inheritances or any other lawfully realized money

Jacke M. said...


Thank you for your comment. I wouldn't disagree with you, HOWEVER, I don't think the chances of what you want to happen are as good as implementing the FairTax...and even the chances of that become more remote every day.