Monday, August 28, 2006

Senate Bill Silences Freedom of Speech

There were several articles to come out yesterday regarding California's SB 1437 Senate Bill. Here is a link to the article which called it to my attention:

Why liberals are crushing dissent::By Kevin McCullough

The most troubling to me? McCullough points out that teachers wouldn't be allowed to discuss the higher rate of health problems associated with the gay lifestyle, even in a science class. That school councilors could not suggest that if a molested student didn't feel right about continuing in a homosexual relationship that it could be because the behavior was first introduced to him by a molester and that could be the source of his "bad" feelings or guilt feelings and if any issue concerning the morality of homosexuality were to come up in discussion teachers would be forced, by law, to praise it rather than condemn it as immoral.

This is exactly the sort of mentality that I was addressing when I wrote It's About Our Children, Stupid! back in October of 2005. Keep in mind that I was embroiled at the time in arguments with Progressive Christians, something I later disavowed as divisive to the Church. In March of 2006 I wrote another entry addressing some other problem issues involving the introduction of gay marriage to our society titled The Frog in the Pot.

This is not simply an attack on people who hold traditional values about marriage, it is an attack on a person's right to verbally disagree and dissent from the viewpoint which supports it and attacks their very ability to educate children about facts which effect their health, both mental and physical. It makes it criminal for children to be apprised of the health risks associated with homosexuality.

Beyond that, and in view of the war we are currently fighting against extremist Islamo-fascists, one is left to wonder if a teacher would be allowed to condemn acts of terrorism since they seem to be part and parcel of certain sects of Islam, a religion, after all.

We keep hearing cries from colleges and institutions of higher learning about the importance of hearing different viewpoints, about "academic freedom," and as long as they are defending the likes of a Ward Churchill or even high school geography teacher, Alan Bennish or the burning of "Old Glory," liberal Democrats are all for freedom of speech and expression, but if you are traditional-value minded it appears they want to make your viewpoint a criminal offense. As John Stossel might say, "Give me a Break!" Tell me again about how the Patriot Act treads on your freedom of speech, liberals, I need a good laugh.

Any "Progressive" Christians out there want to defend this Senate bill? I'd love to hear your defense of this.


shak el said...

This act would prohibit teachers from teaching about the negative effect of the Crusades or the buring of witches during the late Middle ages since that would be negative towards a religion (in this case Christianity). So it could be used both ways with a little imagination.

Jacke M. said...

...And I wouldn't like that any more than editing facts out of the current events of today, Shak el.

Do you support this?

Momma Twoop said...

I agree that it could be used both ways with imagination. It takes no imagination, however, to understand why such legislation has been introduced. It is meant to support the homosexual agenda - nothing more.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Jacke.