Monday, August 07, 2006

Jeff Parnell ~ Hardy Campaigner

(Check out Jeff Parnell for U.S. Congress - Missouri's 4th District - Home for pictures and a recap of Jeff's visit to "Hermitage at an event hosted by the Hickory County Republican women.")

I felt since there were some unfounded accusations being hurled at Jeff Parnell, Republican primary candidate for the 4th district in Missouri, in the comment section of my recent blog on the fight for the 4th district primary that I should address them formally.

An anonymous commentator is claiming that Mr. Parnell has done nothing to campaign for his seat, that all he has done is work in his tire shop (a necessity for a man with a family and household expenses, as most Missourians realize) and play music.

The fact is that Mr. Parnell has campaigned vigorously and taken a hands on approach, rather than spending a lot of his own resources on signage or a big campaign bus.

I sent Mr. Parnell an e-mail query about where he has campaigned, here is just a partial listing of the towns and cities he has visited and from where he has spoken regarding his campaign, it was considerate of Mr. Parnell to provide me with this personal answer to my query as I know that today, of all days, he must be very busy, as a matter of fact, he is speaking this evening in Hermitage, Missouri:

Jefferson City
Osage Beach

Further, Mr. Parnell stated in his e-mail reply that he has it on good authority that Mr. Conner did not attend some events because he knew that Mr. Parnell was going to be there and would be performing his music, which Parnell both writes and performs.

If Mr. Parnell is such a poor candidate one would have to question why the Kansas City Star endorsed him as the best candidate, writing:

Four conservative Republicans, however, are on the 4th District ballot. The best choice appears to be Jeff Parnell, a small-business owner from Rogersville who also sought the nomination two years ago.

Parnell is well-informed on a range of issues and expresses considerable enthusiasm for cleaning up the fiscal mess in Washington. He also emphasizes strict border security.

Also in the race are James A. Noland, Alan Conner and Lloyd D. Sanders Sr.

Noland, a former state legislator, has repeatedly sought the
congressional seat with odd statements and poorly thought-out positions.

Connor, a farmer and businessman who has not previously sought political office, has mounted a vigorous campaign.

But he shows poor judgment, for example, in attacking judicial
independence — a cornerstone of American democracy.

Sanders, a minister and political novice, offers appropriate criticism of shoddy Washington ethics but is vague on other issues.

Some people have money to throw around on a campaign and some people have vision and common sense and can win on the issues. It is a false charge to say that Mr. Parnell has done NOTHING to campaign, he has worked very hard in this campaign without requiring a large bankroll to do so while managing a business in the process. This is the sort of financial conservatism and multi-tasking management we need in Jefferson City.

I support and endorse Jeff Parnell.

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