Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin More Popular than Presidential Candidates?

Rasmussen reported today that Sarah Palin was favorably viewed in a national telephone survey by 1 percentage point over both McCain and Obama and by 10 percentage points over Biden.

Maybe Sarah Palin should have run for president?



tom said...

Perhaps people should ACTUALLY research candidates before forming an opinion of them instead of listening to pundit talking heads which only tell one side of the story

Busplunge said...

That's ok Tom, she is in hiding for two weeks learning the tricks of how to talk to the press. Karl Rove's fingers appear to be all over this.

We got to have faith, faith, faith!

Jackie Melton said...

Tom, I agree people should research candidates.

One thing is for sure, Sarah Palin sure seems to have a lot of people nervous. Usually, as a reporter, I figure when people start getting nervous or attacking me I must be doing something right.

I think Sarah Palin must be doing something right, like maybe resonating with people who were "fence sitters," disappointed and looking for someone to give them something to place a bit of hope in. Hope seemed to be in short supply from the conservative viewpoint. Everyone would like to have a little hope and most people realize there are no perfect candidates, so many people were looking for a little hope. There isn't anything wrong with having a bit of hope, is there? I should think it would be better than having no hope at all.

Maybe Palin did that for some people.

There are never any perfect candidates but it's a sure thing that people who vote will be voting for someone. They'll make their choice, I'll make mine, you'll make yours, it's an American thang. :)

The good thing is nobody really gets to tell anyone else how to vote. Sure, they can try to, but no one has any control over how other people vote, they make their own choices. Some of them might not meet your litmus test, but then you might not meet anyone else's litmus test either.

Do you favor anyone?

I think I already know who Jim is voting for in November. I know how I'm leaning but I haven't made a firm decision yet. It has to do with that little detail you referred to: research.

Momma Twoop said...

Oh, I don't know, Bus, seems to me Gov. Palin knew how to talk to the press just fine during her speech at the convention!

I'm definitely impressed with this lady.

tom said...

Hiding ?? I could've sworn she was up in Lee's Summit today trying to convince those that are already convinced to once more vote for the lessor demon in this political circus we call republicans and democrats.

Jackie Melton said...


Do you favor anyone?

I'm interested because the way I see it, you have the option of voting for an imperfect candidate who you don't entirely agree with or not vote at all.

I can't imagine you not voting at all, so which imperfect candidate that falls short of your ideals will YOU be voting for?

tom said...

I will once again be voting for one of the lessor known none media covered candidates, I just don't know which one yet