Thursday, September 11, 2008

Council Bill 2008-280

The resolution adopting:

"...a Memorandum of Understanding for Employment of Greg Burris as City Manager effective September 15, 2008, and by authorizing payment of benefits in accordance with provisions set forth therein."

...will be presented at Monday night's City Council meeting as a one reading consent agenda bill.

To read the four page ordinance setting the terms of compensation and listing the bullet points for that compensation agreed upon between the city and new city manager Greg Burris, click the above link.

Citizens wishing to address the Council regarding the terms of compensation laid out in the resolution will be required to request Council Bill 2008-280 be removed from the consent agenda prior to the Council meeting, or upon the Mayor's invitation at the beginning of the Council meeting. Citizens can request its removal by letting the City Clerk or her surrogate know before Carlson brings up the question, if they so choose.

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Josh Holcomb said...

I think it is time to start looking at doing a recall.