Saturday, November 03, 2007

URGENT ~ e-m-e-r-g-e-n-c-y

Emergency Council Bill 2007-353 is:

"A special ordinance authorizing the City Manager, or the Deputy City Manager, on behalf of the City of Springfield, to enter into an agreement with the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission (MHTC) for the purpose of coordinating participation by the City and the County in the cost of the Commission's public improvement known as Airport Boulevard...."

Just in case you're wondering why it's an emergency, Section 5 of the bill states:

"The City Council finds and declares that this ordinance constitutes an emergency because it pertains to an appropriation for payment of current expenses for the City government and THE PUBLIC HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE IS AFFECTED...."*

So, dear citizen, if they don't hurry up and approve their part of the financing of the new "airport boulevard" your health, safety and welfare is in danger. Thar yew go.

*emphasis mine.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness they are getting ready for all the damn TRAFFIC from the 120 million dollar airport/ for people flying in to go to a convention and stay at the JQH hotel...

What is the Deputy-Deputy City Manager suppose to do during this emergency process?