Tuesday, November 27, 2007

General questions for discussion

Do you believe first impressions are always right? If so, why? If not, why not?

I'm talking about those gut feelings you get when you first meet a person. Are they reliable?

I'd love to see some real discussion on this topic. I might add to it later, I might not, who cares? ;)


Duane Keys said...

I'm horrible with first impressions. I think it's because I like just about everyone I meet.

My wife, on the other hand, has a keen sense and is almost always able to sum up someone based on her gut first impression.

Jason said...

Most of the time I have a pretty accurate gut feeling on people. I just usually check it (unless it's something really important like a financial dealing) and let people either prove that feeling right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

Before our "contractor City Manager" leaves in a few weeks, can their be any discussion as to what he has done the past two years??


Jacke M. said...

"...can their be any discussion as to what he has done the past two years??"

Sure, knock yerself out. :)

flosters said...

trust your instincts, until proven otherwise...thats the best advice i can give ya...

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