Friday, November 16, 2007

Council Bills 2007-363, 364

Council Bill 2007-363 amends the City Code, Traffic and Vehicles, Section 106-96 so that conservators of the peace (people the City Manager authorizes to issue parking citations) will also be given the authority to ENFORCE city parking ordinances, ENFORCE rules, regulations and ordinances pertaining to handicapped parking, and ENFORCE all Park rules, regulations and ordinances while on Park property.

Council Bill 2007-364 amends Article 1, In General, Chapter 82 of the Springfield City Code, Park rules generally, by adding an additional subsection (c) to Section 82-1 for ENFORCEMENT of the Park Rules, Regulations and Ordinances by THE PARK RANGERS for the Springfield-Greene County Parks Department, while on park property.

The originating department is the City Manager.

Under "remarks" at Bill 2007-364:

"The proposed amendment is in response to a request received from the Springfield-Greene County Park Board. This expanded authority will assist parks in dealing with problems at the various park locations, which is often a low priority for the City and County Police Departments, when compared to other service calls these Departments normally receive. This amendment will allow parks to address the park problems with its own Park Rangers as they occur."

Questions 1 and 2: How do you "enforce" rules, regulations and ordinances? Will Park Rangers be authorized to carry firearms for enforcement purposes?

Question 3: Is the lateral hiring program, which allows experienced police officers to be hired at a higher level of pay in consideration of their previous experience working? (see: CFP Midweek - Archive Issues Page, Volume 5 Issue 11 City Council Roundup, Addressing Police High Turnover Rate)

City of Springfield, MO - Upcoming Council Meeting Agenda

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