Friday, November 02, 2007

The evidence is adding up

Tony Messenger of the Springfield News-Leader likes to call Republicans liars

In Messenger's new column, E-mails released by state show Eckersley case has most merit, he continues to try to support his conclusion that the Governor's office is lying:

"The bottom line is the same as it always is: Taxpayers deserve the truth.

When it comes to the Sunshine Law, Scott Eckersley told it.

The governor's office has not."

Messenger points to an email written by Eckersley on September 20 to Jonathan Bunch, a former Blunt employee. The email was included in a packet sent to reporters by state attorney Rich Aubuchon.

Messenger has included links to other pertinent information but does not include a link for the reader to view the email written to Jonathan Bunch. Why? Because it doesn't prove anything anyway and Messenger knows that. The email, according to Messenger includes this line from Eckersley:

"Wow ... I fired on people yesterday about that — I just got so sick of it — I emailed Chrismer and HH and ed."

Then Messenger admits:

"That Eckersley says he e-mailed Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer, HH (probably attorney Henry Herschel) and ed (likely chief of staff Ed Martin) proves nothing, of course."*

I'll trust the reader to decide whether the evidence Messenger claims to have is enough to flat out make the statement that the governor's office employs a bunch of liars or not.

This blogger feels that "the evidence is adding up" that Tony Messenger enjoys calling Republicans liars, should I consider it as not warranting a leap of faith to make that statement? Hmmmm.

* Emphasis mine.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Matt cannot be a VP canidate?