Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Was that YOUR fork in my ear?

Okay, so everybody else bitches and complains on their blogs, why can't I?

I generally reserve my bitching for my husband who seems to enjoy it because it affords him the excuse to bitch and complain back at me and since we usually end up laughing at each other and eventually at ourselves over how ridiculous we're acting it lets off a lot of pressure and we're no worse for the wear. I sure do like my husband, he's a lot of fun to irritate and he admittedly feels the same way about me...isn't that the sign of a good marriage? :(I)

But, dang it! I was thinking I had a job writing some articles for a local community paper, but apparently and for some reason which isn't clear to me, the person I thought I'd hit it off with so well isn't calling, isn't emailing, isn't communicating with me at all so I'm thinking that ain't happenin' now. Oh, bother.

This has done a little bit of damage to my own self confidence regarding my ability to write.

In the meantime I'm running back and forth to Mother's, making special trips to special stores to buy her whatever flavor of ice cream she has chosen as her personal flavor of the month and keeping a highly flexible schedule which IS required by that little *queen bee* who has a sweeter face than that Welch's Grape Juice girl who says words way beyond her little four year old comprehensive skills.

I try to remember life is messy. I try to remember that other people are juggling things just like I am, they may be different things but just as time consuming and frustrating to the things they'd like to be spending time on and I try to remember that it's the people we love in life that are most important.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see if I can find something to irritate my husband about so we'll find ourselves laughing in a little while...or maybe a nap, since we were both up till 1:00 in the morning playing a video of the KOLR 10 Town Hall meeting backwards and forwards 214 times...or maybe I'll load the dishwasher, clean the toilet and vacuum the house....

...We're having fried catfish and baked potatoes for dinner, if my husband behaves himself. ;)

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