Friday, October 13, 2006

Thanks, Vincent David Jericho

Okay, I have to say something here because I want to clarify my position on the topic of local radio talk show host Vincent David Jericho.

Last night and today I've been having a little dialog with John Stone of Curbstone Critic under the blog entry VD(J) is the Antichrist. I'll take a moment to note that I have been conservatively critical of Mr. Jericho myself on more than one occasion, see comment here: Hollow Men at Jericho's Journal.

Anyway, last night after I posted a comment at Curbstone Critic I got to thinking about how I have been effected by allowing who I am to be known among the local bloggers in town and by a publisher of a community newspaper. Though I have tried to fight the effect, it has had one nonetheless. It has made me, to some extent, feel stifled, feel as though I cannot speak my mind as openly as I once did because I have lost the anonymity I had at first. It has caused me to second guess some of the things I have written lately. It has made a difference on the quantity of posts I have been willing to post at my own blog. This got me to thinking about some things that I appreciate and respect about Vincent David Jericho and I don't think it is enough to simply criticize people for what they do that I disagree with, I also believe it is important that, in fairness, I praise the good attributes of people as well and so that is why I am writing this today.

John Stone isn't the only local blogger to bash Vincent David Jericho see: 417 Pundit: Immigrant Talker Should Be Extradited. It is rumored that 417 Pundit is DocLarry of Lost Chord but has not been confirmed. At any rate, anytime Jericho is mentioned in a blog the comments fly, usually accompanied with charges that anonymous commentators are VDJ and he isn't brave enough to attach his own link to his replies. This raises a question in my mind...if Vincent David Jericho is willing to expose himself to Springfield and the larger region by hosting a talk radio show on Newstalk KSGF every morning from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. then why the heck would he not sign his own comments when commenting at blog sites? That doesn't make much sense to me, and we need to keep in mind that Jericho has as many, or more, fans than he does haters.

And that brings me back to my main point. It takes a strong person to be willing to go on the radio five mornings a week and represent KSGF, himself, Conservative Christians and Conservative Republicans in numerous ways all over the region. It takes a strong personality and a certain amount of bravery to bare his soul and private personal thoughts about divisive issues in Springfield and the Nation. He has taken on some pretty powerful people in this City. He has been willing to bare his heart and soul and in doing so he has also opened himself up to criticism. I respect that. I also respect the fact that he has called attention to many worthwhile causes, the illegal immigration debate, what the stem cell research initiative really means to Missouri and the FairTax bill HR 25/S25 among them. He has taken it on the chin for his outspoken views about what Christians should be doing, what Conservatives should be doing. He has stood in the face of extremist anti-war activists and shown their propaganda for what it is, and he has likely received some of the most hate filled private emails that any of us could imagine, yet he has continued to stand by his convictions and be a voice for legitimate viewpoints and concerns here in our City.

I have listened as he has gotten into tiffs with some of his fans when he has given a forum to people with whom his fans disagree but he has done so fairly and in doing so he has exposed the mentality of people who needed to be exposed.

Is he extreme at times? Certainly. How much of his over the top opinions are exaggerated to make a point? I couldn't say.

To be honest, I don't listen to his program as often as I'd like to because it doesn't fit into my schedule very well and I don't have the patience to down load ipod segments like some of his critics do, but as I struggle with my own writing because I am aware that I am not as anonymous as I used to be it has made me think more about what he is exposed to every day.

It's important that we remember that behind the microphone is NOT a cartoon character awaiting his pie in the face, he is a real man with real convictions who, just like the rest of us, does his best to make a difference. Over all, I agree with him more often than not. I don't expect he will be perfect any more than I expect I will be perfect, even though I try my best to be consistent. I'd say he tries his best to be consistent as well and as a public figure, of course he is fair game for criticism. I just got to thinking he should be fair game for praise as well, a little pat on the shoulder for doing his best. Thanks, VDJ!


The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

If there were a 180-degree opposite of Jericho on the local airwaves... would the right-wingers be as nasty and critical of his/her sales pitch? I'd say "probably", but not in the same ways.

I've met the guy, and we have a cordial repartee, but he thinks libertarians are too libertine - not an uncommon assumption, as the left and right both get that part wrong. But he's an okay Joe, in my book, even if we disagree.

Let's just hope the Dems don't re-impose the "Fairness" Doctrine, though, or we'll wind up with bland government-regulated "talk" radio...

Anonymous said...

Why dont you people wake the hell up and realize what Jerricho really and truly is. He's a conservative neo-conservative pundit whose voice is regulated tightly by the zionist machine that runs our country. His gig seriously is up....
I thought it was hilarious that guy was calling him on his own game this morning. Vincent was getting ticked as evidence by his waivering voice (I think he was getting ready to cry) but that guy was using the VERY SAME tactics that Jericho uses...plain and simple. Then, he's of course branded a faux liberal...crazy wingnutjob or whatever other ad-hominem argument Jericho could muster up after wiping the tears.
I'm not a neo-nazi jew hater either so dont even try to go there.

The truth shall set you (and the rest of us) free!

Can you handle the truth?

John Stone said...

Ah, beautiful lady .... VD(J) is an idiot, who is doing all this to promote ----- VD(J).

He doesn't believe any of the crap he says.

To him it's just a job .. something he does between Vancouver and NYC .. no body, and I do mean no body, but idiots think he actually buys into what he says.

I had some fun with him this morning. More about that later on my blog .. but the fact is that VD plays the perpetual victim. Always wronged .. by the city leaders, by, the others in his job, by the boogers ... you get the idea.

VD has about as much interest in the community as a crack addict.

Anonymous said...

This pretty much sums up why we're sending our country's children off to the article and READ IT CLOSELY. Thank VD for his help in the matter, then run him out of town on a rail...but dont kill him...that wouldnt be very nice.

PS..I'm trying to get my own blog up and running which is the reason I post as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Some help for our troops by the Israeli's...they love us!

Anonymous said...

John, I agree with VD's overt whoring of himself out to the conservatives but I see him as a much more sinister pundit who should be run out of Springfield on a fiery rail. Seriously, I am probably one of the most passive persons but I have come to uncover some very disturbing information and the direction our country is heading (and hopefully, avoided with the past elections truly scares me. I have children and I cannot stand the thought of them (or any other person's children) being killed in the name of some shit hole country such as Israel.

Follow Alice down the hole and you will find the truth.


Anonymous said...



zovik said...

Exposing anti-war propaganda? Okay, now how about exposing the pro-war propaganda?!?

I agree, it takes guts to do what Vince does- especially without the shield of anonymity. And he does try to get people more involved in local politics, which is commendable.

But he's still a hack- a right wing tool.

That's not saying much around here, where a station like KSGF can call itself `news' and noone bats an eye. (Let's face it people, the only thing on KSGF that could be remotely considered news is the 30 second bits during commercial breaks. The rest* is editorial at best, propaganda at worst.)

libertarian guy- You must not realize how much our "free" press is regulated by market forces. Profit driven papers and channels only print what people will pay for. If people don't want to hear different opinions or complex policy discussions, they won't get printed.

* except Clark Howard, but he stays away from politics anyway.

Jacke M. said...

zovik, at one time I think your comment might have been close to the truth but not today.

Vince has done the most in depth interviews and coverage of many local city council members that have been done in this city.

He has spent a great deal of time spotlighting candidates, those who were willing to come on his program, and those who he's had on his show he has treated fairly, though he has asked some tough questions.

If there is a viewpoint that has not been shared on his program then why don't you call in and share it?

You are missing a lot if you don't listen to his program but you don't have to take my word for it. If you haven't listened to him in a while then you should listen to him again before you choose to condemn, though I doubt you will. Surprise me.

I don't agree with everything Vince says but he certainly has as much right to share his views as anyone else, right?

As far as Libertarian guy answering you, I doubt he regularly checks this old post for new comments, though it does seem to get a lot of hits.

Thanks for stopping by.

real conservative said...

Ha ha ha... Jericho trying to lead the Springfield sheep to the promise land. In reality Jericho knows the old saying by PT Barnum, "A sucker is born every minute" and he uses it everyday on his radio show.

No what Jericho is really about is manipulation. He regularly goes out on his "vacations" which are
just really meetings of talk radio people across the country
to all get their stories straight about what they will talk about on the radio shows. Talking points to manipulate and deceive the public to focus on whatever issue or candidate they deem important or unimportant. All you have to do is listen to the various talk show hosts to see that they all basically say the exact same thing.

But he is far from a true conservative. Sure he throws in the token immigration issue, tax issue or life to keep the sheep interested and tuned in, but when it comes down to it he always tows the neocon line - which is really no different than the Clinton line -

For example, when Steelman was running for governor it was easy to see that he could not commit to her. His Kenny Hulshof bias easily shown through, and it really wasn't until it was obvious that Steelman was going to beat
Hulshof in SW Missouri that he jumped on the bandwagon after the election. The fact is Hulshof is a corrupt politician and always has been and Jericho knew that.

When anybody every goes on his show and kicks his butt, he talks over them, cuts them off or just doesn't face the question or statement and goes off on a tangent.

His big goal now is to create a new conservatism. He says old conservatism won't work and is outdated. So again, trying to manipulate what a conservative is.
I have news for Vince, there is no such thing as old conservatism. Its called the Constitution and following it - that is what conservative is.

If anybody believes Jericho is a real conservative, stop are making Reagan roll around in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Jericho is one of the stars of Spfd. Thanks VD for all you have done for our city. Especially young conservatives.

Anonymous said...

All the left wingies need to chill. If they were sooo opposed to VDJ why would they listen? I don't believe there were very many conservatives that listened to Air America. Of course there were very few liberals that listened either. What a less than bright business move for KSGF. Good luck to Jericho, may he land on his feet and continue the good fight.