Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just a Little Update on KOLR 10's Town Hall Meeting on the War on Terror

In my recent post on KOLR 10's Town Hall Meeting on the War on Terror I provided a link to KOLR 10, who had said that they would be continuing the discussion.

I also sent them a link to my blog entry. I did receive an email acknowledgement from Ms. Polly VanDoren-Orr of KOLR 10 thanking me for my insight. I was, however, somewhat disappointed when I watched their coverage of the emails received on the next day's news broadcasts. They chose one paragraph emails from two viewpoints, either praising the Town Hall Meeting or bashing it as one sided. So much for continuing the discussion. The next day when I emailed that address again my mail could not be delivered, so I suppose they really had no intention of "continuing the discussion," after all. They seemed to only be interested in whether their viewers either approved or disapproved of their Town Hall Meeting.

Oh, well.

Anyway, I thought I should update that entry since, apparently, that email link no longer exists and as far as KOLR 10 goes they seem to have ended the discussion with a superficial reading of fairly superficial emails which critiqued them rather than continued the discussion.

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