Monday, October 09, 2006

The Democrat Plan to Win in November: "Conservative, Stay Home!"

Some Democrats are preaching to us that there's a GOP "civil war" commencing. The Republican Party is divided! ::gasp!:: Unlike the united Democrat Party, mind you.

Some grassroots Democrats propose that we should dismiss their arguments that going to war in Iraq preemptively was wrong because Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorist attacks and was no threat to the U.S., that our attention should have remained exclusively in Afghanistan and firmly on Osama bin Laden. Yes, ignore those talking points they've been spouting for three or four years now and take immediate "cowboy" action against North Korea. Yes, let's just jump right out there and bomb the heck out of North Korea so that two years from now those same Democrats can chime in some more on the "incompetent boob, Bush" bandwagon and explain why this action was the wrong action and the "buck stops at Bush."

Meanwhile, The Smirking Chimp, you know the "All New! Now 150% More Fair and Balanced" Smirking Chimp, writer Margie Burns, brings us this little tidbit:

Tucker Carlson says it aloud. The Republican elite has contempt for the evangelicals:

"...for my money, the real jaw dropper this morning was Tucker Carlson finally saying publicly what millions of us have known for years: “The Republican elite has contempt for the evangelicals.”

The commentary centered around the Mark Foley scandal and attendant ironies, that a member of Congress who for years ostentatiously paraded his concern for children and for youth has solicited, also for years, the sexual attentions of teenagers, and not just any teenagers, but teenaged pages specifically under the protection of Congress. Furthermore, all signs indicate that the entire top GOP leadership of Congress, even while campaigning aggressively in some bogus morality posture, either covered up for Foley or at best deliberately avoided knowing enough of his activities to do anything about them.

To call this hypocrisy is just an insult to hypocrites...."

"... Following up the statements that “The Republican elite has contempt for the evangelicals,” and “Everybody in our world has contempt for the evangelicals,” he continued, “and “everybody knows that. The evangelicals are beginning to figure it out.”...

"...As for the public pronouncements of their party, and the most prominent of their professional religious spokesmen, they roll their eyes. I have seen them do it. You do not get more eyerolling about the Reverend Mr. Pat Robertson or about the unreverend Ralph Reed anywhere than in the nearest lunch of Republican women at the local country club, and the only people who seem not to know it are the people whose faithful votes keep the corporate hogs in office."

What is missing from Ms. Burns opinion piece is the little discussed "Progressive" Christian movement, which seeks to influence government in directions they feel should be more palatable to Christians, you know, with more of a liberal slant: give peace a chance, feed the poor and hungry, tackle environmental issues and leave the virile gay activists alone, stop defending the unborn's right to life and get on with issues that really matter...these same "Progressive" Christians who bemoan that "Conservative" Christians are seeking to set up a Christian theocracy while excusing their own activism, that bunch of "Progressive" hypocrisy cries of "this hypocrisy is just an insult to hypocrites...." As Ms. Burns pointed out, there is "eyerolling" going on among Republican circles regarding certain spokespersons for the "evangelicals," where is the eyerolling for "Progressive" Christian spokespersons to be found? Good luck, let me know if you find anything but undying, love-filled, googly eyes for Jim Wallis and Jimmy Carter among the "Progressive" Christian movement.

To what rancid pot sticking soup does all this DESTRUCTIVE criticism boil down? Why, the fact that other than a "cut and run" answer to our predicament in Iraq, higher taxes, more taxes on the "rich," and more social programs to balance the wealth of Americans more fairly between the rich and the "least of us,"the Democrats still have no visible plan and no answer for addressing the complex issues of the day.

In fact, when seeking answers from these grassroots Democrats those seeking them receive more of the same..."it isn't our job to provide solutions, why, the Republicans are in charge! The only job we have is to dissent from their foul policies!"

Don't believe me that the Democrats have nothing to offer? Visit The Democratic Party website, where you will find such charming headlines as:

Inaction: Timeline of Denial

Iraq: Torture site may be linked to security forces

Abramoff Republican Culture Of Corruption Leads All The Way To The White House

Iraq: Today in Iraq: Powell Tried to Warn Bush on Iraq, Book Says

Foley: Why Did GOP Leaders Sit On Foley Emails?

The Fear and Smear Tour: DNC on President Bush's Political Fear and Smear Attacks

The Bush Administration's Failed North Korea Policy and how the GOP Implodes Over Foley Scandal

The Democrat Party's Agenda? On security:

"Democrats have a plan that is comprehensive-- from repairing our military, to winning the war on terror, to protecting our homeland security, to ensuring success in Iraq and freeing America of its dependence on foreign oil--and it will finally prepare America for the security needs of the 21st Century. And we honor the sacrifices our troops, their families and veterans by making sure we take care of them when they come home."

Gee, thanks. Care to share the plan or as in the past, is it supposed to be enough to announce that you have one without elaborating how you plan to accomplish the objectives of the plan you have but refuse to share?

Regarding Iraq?:

That's interesting, last time I visited they had a few ideas on how to handle Iraq, such as "redeploying" our troops out of Iraq before the end of 2006. Today I find no link for their plans on how to win the war in Iraq at all.

I only point all this information out to remind us all that the only hope that Democrats have to win either the House or the Senate is if they can convince Republican voters to either vote for them or convince us that our party is filled with sexual predatory pedophiles in an effort to dissuade us from voting at all.

When will Conservatives wake up? This is not about the entire Republican party being more corrupt than Democrats and it isn't about "Conservative" Christians being hypocritical, it should be about who, at least, has a plan and is willing to discuss options as opposed to who is so cognizant of the fact that the American people would not support their plan that they will not even share it with the voters. Just as in shopping for a bargain you get what you pay for, when it comes to elections you get who you vote for. Make sure you make the right choice based on fact and not smear job propaganda spread by those who either can't or won't even tell you their plan for America.

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