Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reflections on waiting while waiting.

Every Monday through Friday I pick my daughter up from school. In order not to get in a huge line of slow moving traffic, I choose to get there a little bit early and wait in a line with a few other early arrivers. My habit is to do odds and ends that can be done while sitting in a car. Writing out bills, balancing the checkbook, catching up on reading............things along that nature.

Today, as I sat in line, I got to thinking..........which can be dangerous for me, still I did it nonetheless.......but I got to thinking about how much time people spend waiting, not just in line, but in life. People are always waiting for the other shoe to fall, that golden opportunity, the next big thing, something better, or even their big break. Sometimes they wait before sharing thoughts and feelings with the ones they cherish. Sometimes waiting so long, fate steps in and deals a cruel blow, leaving them to live with that regret forever.

You can miss a great many wonderful moments in life if you spend time waiting for things that may or may not happen. It's only with age I'm realizing how precious time is...... much too precious to waste even a second of it waiting for things that won't ever happen unless you dive in and make them happen. Things won't always work out as you plan, but you may discover treasures you never anticipated. Stop waiting and live.

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