Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Insanity of Dogs.

My dogs are insane. That's all I can figure. I have 8, which is unfortunate for me, but it worked out fine for them. Living out in the middle of nowhere has it's downside. One of the biggest being how people, instead of throwing garbage out of their cars when driving through your neck of the woods, throw cats and dogs. So I, being the soft-hearted sort, end up with new pets more often than I'd care to.

Anyway, back to the insanity of my dogs. They bark constantly, at everything. They bark at me, when I pull into the they've never seen me before. They bark at me with the same intensity they use whenever barking at the UPS guy. They bark when one of my cats walk by their fence. They bark at my two horses they've lived around for years. They bark at the moon, the stars and everything else you can imagine. Yet, with all the barking they do, they will watch with calm disinterest when a small group of deer walk through the yard. Not the least bit interested in barking at them. It's just not natural considering their propensity for barking at every little thing. What's up with that?

Just today, I stepped outside to fetch something and found that a gaggle of wild turkey were walking up my drive. Is it gaggle? Or is that for geese? Seems so........gaggle of geese, flock of seagulls, an unkindness of ravens......what in the world do you call a group of turkeys? Who knows? I'll try to remember to google that later. I digress.

SO, a whole bunch of turkey are wandering up the driveway and my dogs just glance. Like it's an everyday occurrence. Then pure chaos erupts when my cat Angel walks close to the fence and the dogs begin to bark as if their very lives hang in the balance. See what I mean about insane? I never imagined turkeys could move so quickly.

Word of advice. When you find yourself confronted with a gathering of startled turkey. Stay still. Just like they're a bear or something. I never realized what intimidating creatures they could be until they were flapping madly about. My own wild flapping, as I am trying to get out of their way, only made them more agitated and confused. For a moment there, all I could think of was how my death by turkey flogging would end up as one of those strange but true headlines. What an embarrassing way to go.


wildwest said...

I have cats.

Jacke M. said...

That's okay, wildwest, nobody's perfect. ;)

PJ said...

I have several cats myself. I'm more careful about commenting on their sanity though. You never know about cats, they may organize and seek revenge if they get their little noses out of joint. :)