Monday, January 30, 2006

Just Sharing My Thoughts

Just popping in so people will know I'm still alive. I have been spending a little time in discussion at other Christian blogs. I do so like to have discussions and I actually went off the deep end last week, I let someone get under my skin who was debating about my communication style rather than the content of what I was saying. I am not so great about letting other people speak for me and tell me what my underlying intentions and motives are, let alone being called dishonest. I have always felt that while, yes, it is certainly a good tactic to ignore it, on the other hand it could give some the false impression that I agree with a person who attacks me in such a manner if I don't challenge, I shoot off my mouth, so to speak, and most of the time wish I had handled it differently after all is said and done. I'm human, what can I say, and all of us are defensive, I suppose. All of us are on edge because, I believe in the world of the internet, all of us have had these sorts of experiences and therefore we have to be so overly cautious in what we say, for fear of insulting or angering someone else that we either have the choice of keeping our mouths shut or tip toeing all around what we'd really like to say. I grow so tired of being so careful and I do wish all of us could just accept the fact that we're all human, we all get cocky, we all say things we don't mean, or say things poorly and they come across differently than intended. Such a shame that none of us are perfect. I could direct you there, to my little "blow up" but why would I want to point people to my inevitable weaknesses?

It doesn't help that I'm on this very restrictive diet and will be for five more days, including today, wherein all I can eat is this homemade vegetable soup with a little something else thrown in each day. Like today, all the vegetable soup I can eat plus vegetables (preferably leafy green) and fruit (except bananas and preferably melons). I can have black coffee and unsweetened tea and water. Geesh! How exciting... :( but it's only for seven days. It is having the effect of putting me on edge, however, and my temper isn't quite as controllable as usual.

Anyway, if anyone wants to throw in a comment on any subject or share something, that'd be great...just please don't talk about fine dining! Arrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!

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