Friday, January 20, 2006

An Old and Dear Friend.

Not many folks can say they've had one friend, since childhood, who has stuck with them through thick, thin, the good, the bad, and everything in between. Though, not many people would consider a child's toy a friend either.

I've had this old Eeyore since I was 5 years old. Why, that makes him.....well, never mind that fact. Let's just say he's vintage. He's also worn and tattered. His right ear is torn, with a little stuffing hanging out. His mane is barely there. And he never had a tail. When my mom took me to Sears to buy him that fine day many years ago, we looked through all the shelves filled with Pooh characters and not a single Eeyore had his tail. My mom made him one, but he never seemed to cotton to it. Tail-less and gloomy, I loved him anyway.

No matter where I've gone in life, Eeyore has accompanied me. Whether it was overnight stays with friends, summer visits with my aunt and grandmother, or college. He has been a constant companion and trusted confidant.

After seeing me through to adulthood, he has goodnaturedly accepted my children's affections. Which has sometimes meant a sticky mane or new worn spot. Yet, he endures, never loosing his gentle demeanor or that twinkle in his eye, which reminds me that he is still the faithful keeper of my secrets and dreams.

Someday, after I've completed my journey in this life, I hope my children's children, as well as their children and all that come after will care for my old friend. I hope, when they touch the worn fur of their family heirloom, they feel some of the warmth and love I've buried in the frayed threads of an old Eeyore that meant so very much to me.


Jacke M. said...

Peege, for me it was a Teddy Bear named "Ted." Creative, huh? I'll have to write about Ted sometime, really more about my'll see. Anyway, when my parents divorced and we moved to Arkansas...then Dad remarried, my Step-mom got rid of Ted unbeknownst to me. It's funny, I still pine for that old worn out bear. :(

PJ said...

I would to hear more about Ted and your brother.

I understand the pining thing. I used to have an old pooh I got before my Eeyore. Some years back when I had my first daughter and was setting up house, he was misplaced in all the chaos. I still miss that "silly old bear."

PS. So does Eeyore. LOL :)

PJ said...

I meant to say, I would love to hear more.............