Thursday, February 24, 2005

Who is Smearing Who? USA Next Battles AARP

The handwriting is already on the wall. The mainstream media is demonizing USA Next as though it is a branch of the GOP, does that mean that AARP is a branch of the Democratic Party? Oh, the mainstream press would never preface any discussion of AARP with "liberal lobbying organization" but think nothing at all of prefacing USA Next with "conservative lobbying organization."

I have been searching the web for unbiased news stories about USA Next, most of the news contains a headline with "Swifties" listed as though they are all one big happy family, this is not true and as usual the mainstream media is trying to discredit a perfectly legitimate organization by suggesting they are linked with the SBVT in the titles of their articles.

The leftist bloggers are having a field day smearing USA Next. It is difficult to find anything posted about them which doesn't smack of extreme bias. They are engaging in the very tactic of which they accuse USA Next of engaging, smearing them as a conservative attacker of AARP and implying that USA Next is being fed out of the very pockets of the President and his administration. Can they really not see the hypocrisy of these actions?

Just as the media tried to smear the Swift Boat Vets for Truth unjustly they will now smear USA Next unjustly because they just don't want anyone interfering with their political agenda and how dare they exercise their free speech rights by supporting something which AARP opposes! Most articles do not fail to mention the fact that USA Next intends to spend up to $10 million on its campaign of support for Social Security reform and mention that AARP has already spent $5 million but fail to note that AARP intends to spend $10 million, as well, before their campaign is finished, that tidbit of information might not mesh with the idea they would like to portray, that poor little old AARP, who has a $600 million plus annual budget is being picked on by that mean little competing organization who has a paltry, approximate $28 million annual budget. Who is smearing who here? Let's get real for once, is that still possible?

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