Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jeff Gannon

I think I failed to mention that I have a very healthy addiction to internet political groups. I find myself engaged in debates with liberals, who in fairness I hope do not represent the majority of the Democratic Party but rather an extremist left faction of it.

There is much debate currently going on about the Jeff Gannon issue in one of the groups in which I am involved. I confess to not studying as in depth as I should about this issue and will try to look into it more deeply tomorrow and post more about it. Right now what I am receiving from rabid leftists is that Jeff Gannon is a male prostitute, that has engaged in prostitution in the very White House. I know that this in untrue and I will get to the facts. I know that it's a trumped up version coming from leftist blog sites and based on nothing more than speculation. Look for more on this topic later.

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