Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thoughts on Gannongate

I've been reading some leftwing commentary regarding Gannon, a.k.a Guckert. I know Jacke has too and she will be along to post her thoughts on the matter soon. She's good at putting her thoughts on paper, er....screen. I'm more inclined to rant, so here it goes.

The left excoriates conservatives for allegedly 'hating' gays, for believing that homosexuals are 'bad.' Of course, neither I nor anyone I know does that, but the lefties feel comfortable under the assumption that we all do. Now, when it looks like Gannon, an avowed conservative and one of our own, might actually be gay, they're hellbent on dragging up every piece of evidence, or non-evidence as has sometimes been the case, to splash across the net and other places. Are they doing this because they believe the information can be used like a club with which to bash Bush? Does that strike anyone else of being ...ahem.... slightly hypocritical?

I mean, if being gay is normal and not something we should care about, why are they doing their utmost best to 'out' Gannon? Shouldn't it be something they handle in the same manner they demand from us? Apparently not.

I know they're drawn to the idea that Gannon and conservatives in general are hypocrites because Gannon spoke frequently against gay marriage rights. They're so drawn to the idea that ruining a man's life is something they do with glee. The notion that gay people too can possess common sense is totally foreign to them. It's the same reason they ignore or view with contempt African Americans who disagree with affirmative action or hate laws. They view these folks as having escaped the lefties' plantation which they built for them. Of course, they'd never say it in such politically incorrect terms.

"All gays - Please pack your mental baggage and move to the In Your Face Resort. IYF is wholly run by Democrats and is the only resort where your status as a perpetual victim will be celebrated! Come Protest With Us!!
This message has been brought to you by the Loony Left. No purchase necessary for you to become a member. However, hatred and shunning of those who are not members is strongly advised. People of color whom are gay will enjoy dual citizenship in both the IYF Resort and the Minorities' Perpetual Victim Status (MPVS) Resort."

Gannon, gay though he may be...and I, personally, believe he is.....didn't move to that plantation and they're trying to make him pay for it. It should come as no surprise that they're doing this. They've built plantations for all those they 'care' about: the poor, persecuted intellectuals, people of color, homosexuals, atheists, etc. Anyone not lining up to move where the lefties direct them is to be shamed and attacked as much as possible...a conditional love, if you will. Kind of sad if you ask me.

I hope Gannon keeps his spirit and his strength. If he's gay, SO WHAT? It doesn't nullify his beliefs one bit in my opinion. There are no rules governing how all homosexuals should view the world around them, are there? I don't think so, but you sure couldn't tell it by the way the lefties are foaming at the mouth over Gannongate.

The hypocrisy shown by the left in demanding that homosexuals be treated one way by us while they do the opposite is astounding. I hope it doesn't escape everyone else's notice.

This rant is officially over, but I reserve the right to re-rant as circumstances warrant. :)



Jacke M. said...

What is the issue? I mean really? I have been discussing this with leftists in an internet political group. All the whine seems to be about the sex life of Gannon/Guckert. Aren't liberals supposed to support the gay agenda? Another aspect being discussed is the payment of journalists by the Bush Admin. to promote policies. Well, Gannon/Guckert wasn't paid, at least no one, as yet has been able to provide proof to that effect so again...what's the issue? Libruls need to get a life.

Momma Twoop said...

It is a NON-issue, in my opinion. Gannon wasn't paid and for someone who was allegedly hired by the WH to throw softball questions, presumably to "rescue" someone from the tougher questions being asked, he was rarely called on for questions. The number of times can be counted, from what I'm hearing, on ONE hand.

Yes, they're supposed to support the gay agenda, but when it comes to bashing the President, nothing is beneath them. Everyone becomes a tool for them to use. They're supposed to support human rights too, but they have no problem supporting countries which have the worst human rights abuse records because they're communist, they hate the US, and/or Bush. Why else would they take Saddam's, terrorists', Cuba's, Chavez's, China's, etc., side by viewing anything they say as credible?

It blows my mind to think that they get their news from Al Jazeera, Pravda, Tehran Times, and other American-hating, propagandist "news" outlets and bandy them around the net as though they're presenting something worthwhile! How ignorant can one be?

You're right. Libruls need to get a life. THAT is the issue! Twoop