Friday, April 03, 2009

Springfield City Council Race in the Home Stretch

There is plenty of information available about the candidates for voters to access if they want to understand the positions and philosophies of the candidates running for Mayor, General Seat A, General Seat B and Zone 1 Springfield City Council seats.

This posting isn't intended to provide a full list of all of the information available but, is fairly exhaustive.

Some of the most extensive information can be found at "KSGF's" Web site. Pod casts of the debates between all the candidates are available there, scroll through this podcast list.

"The Community Free Press" has published a series of question and answer articles on the candidates. Beginning with the January 14, issue and, I believe, in every issue to follow, there has been information on the candidates made available. You can access those issues online at the archives page. Simply choose from among the dates in the boxes at the right, then click on the cover shot of the paper when it appears at the left side of the page.

The "Springfield News-Leader" has covered the candidates daily for some time, either through articles, editorial columns, or readers' letters.

The Web log, "Life Of Jason" has offered a series of question and answers, as has this blog. Candidates have not all responded to JackeHammer's series of questions yet, however, at last night's debate at Central Assembly's Fusion Center, candidate for General Seat A Robert Stephens said he planned to complete his answers over the weekend and get them to me. The email "Interview with Mayoral Candidate Jim O'Neal" was the most recent entry here, and you'll find links to the other candidates answers at the end of that entry.

And, if you missed the debate at the Fusion Center last night, Jason Wert recorded it. You can listen to it here.

I trust that readers of this blog are as capable of "googling" the candidates names as I am, if interested in going to the individual candidates' Web pages to read about them there.

In short, everyone in the City of Springfield (and many people outside of Springfield) have had every opportunity to learn about the candidates and make an educated decision about who they believe will best represent them on the City Council and as Mayor.

As you meet up with your associates, friends and family this weekend and at work on Monday and Tuesday, please remind them of how important it is they vote in the election this Tuesday, April 7.

Every vote counts!


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