Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mayoral candidate O'Neal Denies Email/Letter Sent Only to Supporters

It may not have been sent only to supporters but it was definitely addressed to his "loyal supporters." Why all the fuss?

I was forwarded the email letter dated March 24, which Mayoral candidate Jim O'Neal sent to his email list.

O'Neal and others are fussing because the email/letter has been characterized as "a letter to his supporters." I don't understand why such a characterization seems to be so offensive to Mr. O'Neal. Whether sent only to supporters or not, he was definitely addressing his supporters.

Mr. O'Neal's email/letter to supporters in it's entirety (except for removed personal information which I was not given permission to share), as it was forwarded to me on March 26 (I took the liberty of highlighting the salutation):

From: Jim O'Neal
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 1:28 PM

March 24, 2009

Good morning loyal supporters. First, I am here to thank you for your continued support throughout this campaign. But now I must plead for your help once more. Many of you may have read the editorial in today’s News-Leader by Ryan Cooper. It seems I am running against Mr. Cooper not Mr. Donegan, as he seemingly can’t speak for himself. I couldn’t find much in this article as to why Mr. Donegan would lead our city or his qualifications to be mayor; he simply attacks me in ways that are designed to stir up discontent. This is the only way he can win. But it is unfortunate that this can be very effective.

We have run a clean, honest, heartfelt campaign and for that I am proud. I need to ask those of you than can, compose a letter to the editor in support of my desire and ability to become mayor. Please mention in your letter about your support of the capital improvements tax and our support for citizens input and citizen task forces to develop solutions to community issues such as the pension problem. This organized, overexposed, vocal but small group wants to take away your right to vote on issues regarding the CIP, parks and other issues designed to keep Springfield moving forward. The only way taxes can be changed are by a vote of you the citizens. These people don’t like that because the vast majority of people are voting for the CIP program, a program they want to kill. They have also endorsed an incomplete, non-comprehensive solution to the pension funding written by a very limited and narrow group of people. The last thing they want is for a broad based diverse group of citizens to have a voice in solving the problem. They‘ve already made up their mind and the public be damned. Mr. Cooper has had front billing in our newspaper for many weeks and it is absurd and his articles are more absurd. Time for us to go to the mattresses! These letters need to be sent as soon as possible to the News-Leader and they can also be done online. They will want your address and phone number and sometime they prefer a photo to accompany.

We have many more yard signs and magnetic car door placards being delivered next Monday. If you want one please e-mail me at (email address removed) and we will see that you get them. We also have some larger commercial signs going up this

Lastly, our biggest threat is apathy. I can’t tell you how many people continue to come up to me and say, “Oh, you’ve got this in the bag.” I DO NOT!! You must get out and get others out to vote on April 7th. We must win this election and win by as large a margin as possible.

Please get letter to the editor out and please register to blog online to the news-leader and watch for negative attacks and be prepared to respond. It works.

Your support is so greatly appreciated. Thank You. Jim O’Neal

Jim O'Neal
O & S Trucking, Inc.
3769 E. Evergreen
Springfield, MO 65803
(Phone and cell phone numbers omitted)


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Anonymous said...

Lastly, our biggest threat is apathy. I can’t tell you how many people continue to come up to me and say, “Oh, you’ve got this in the bag.”

The "biggest threat" is four more years of the same Carlson mis-management style.

Go Nick, Fred, Tom and Chris.