Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Greene County Libertarian Party: "City Utilities is being given too much authority...."

The Greene County Libertarian Party issued a press release concerning a recent City Utilities vote to use eminent domain if necessary to acquire property for a new bus terminal in Springfield:

Press Release from the Greene County Libertarian Party

For immediate release

Contact: Keith L. Rodgers at 417.840.8942 or at libertarian42@hotmail.com.

The recent decision from the Springfield City Utilities board to wield its power of eminent domain should be cause for concern on more than just the issue of property rights, according to Keith L. Rodgers, Chairman of the Greene County Libertarian Party.

"The issue isn't being addressed properly: Building a new bus transfer station without an overhaul of CU's inefficient city bus system is the wrong approach", Rodgers said. A better approach would be for the creation of a citizens' advisory input board, to find a more efficient public transportation system that would also sidestep the need to take property for a redundant transfer facility while also leaving the property owners of the proposed site free to use their property as they see fit.

"There are proper times to use eminent domain", Rodgers concluded, "but this is not one of them. City Utilities is being given too much authority, and in this case using such power violates the principles of liberty of property ownership and of sound business practices."


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Jason said...

The more we let eminent domain seizures happen more the government is emboldened to go after more land. Private property rights cannot be weakened any further although government is taking steps to make that happen.

While there are valid times for eminent domain to be used a bus transfer station is not one of them.