Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Police-Fire Pension Citizen's Task Force Approved at City Council Luncheon

by voice vote of Mayor and 6 Council members; details

Eleven names were approved to sit on the Police-Fire Pension Citizen's Task Force by Mayor Carlson and Council members Wylie, Manley, Whayne, Collette, Rushefsky and Chiles at the City Council luncheon today. The voice vote rang out just as Councilman Burlison was entering the conference room nearly 15 minutes late.

The Mayor apologized to Mr. Burlison and asked if he was "okay with it." Burlison replied that he was.

The new City Council will choose three additional members bringing the total number of the Police-Fire Pension Citizen's Task Force to 14. The eleven approved today were:

Mary Beth Daniels with 7 votes
Jerry Harmison with 8 votes
Kenneth Homan, 9 votes
James Jeffries, 7 votes
Robert L. Jones, 7 votes
Peggy Kubicek, 9 votes
Carol Mihalevich, 8 votes
Matt Morrow, 7 votes
Charles Munsey, 8 votes
Craig Wagoner, 7 votes
Lloyd Young 7 votes

Other names to receive more than one vote from the list but who were not selected for the task force were:

Brian Allen, 6
Carl Herd, 6
Jeff Rice, 6
Gordon Elliot, 4
Louis Griesemer, 2
Carmen Leta Mitchell, 2

Also not selected but garnering one vote each were: David Brown, Faith Buell, Randy Ebrite, Teresa Emerson, Kurt Hellweg, Michael Long, Tom McLoud, John Reed, Harold Richardson, Jerry Fenstermaker, Ed Griesbaum, Joe Passanise, and Mike Ramon.

The City Council members votes were tallied by the City Manager's Office.

Mayor Pro Tem Gary Deaver was not present at today's luncheon.


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Anonymous said...

Mary Beth Daniels shouldn't be on this task force. For one, her business gets City Contracts therefore, her paycheck inevitably comes from our taxes. So her hand is already in the pot and needs to play her political hand carefully as to not upset her well sculpted face, I mean business.