Monday, January 12, 2009

Pension Sales Tax Proponent Spoke at City Council

Troy Compton, took the podium at tonight's City Council meeting, stated his name and the address at which he abides. He had signed up to address the Council under petitions, remonstrances and communications, as is the right of any citizen of Springfield.

Compton, a firefighter and a member of the group which organized to campaign for passage of the 1-cent sales tax for the pension plan, "Citizens Keeping Our Commitment," did not identify himself as a member of the group, nor did he mention he was a City employee.

During the course of his glowing remarks and praise for the City Council and City officials on coming up with a plan to solve the underfunded pension system, Mr. Compton read a paragraph from an "Our Voice" column written by fellow group member Doug Pitt, which was published in the News-Leader today.

Compton also praised Mr. Pitt's letter, never indicating he is associated with Mr. Pitt through the group.

The Springfield News-Leader failed to identify Pitt as a member of "Citizens Keeping Our Commitment" when they published his column, choosing, instead, to identify him as, "a former member of the Community Editorial Advisory Board," who lives in Springfield.

In other news, The Butter Lady

Update: It has been called to my attention there is more than one Troy Compton living in Springfield. It is possible that the Troy Compton which addressed the City Council last night is not the same Troy Compton who is a member of the group, "Citizens Keeping Our Commitment." I do not know if the two are related.


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Anonymous said...

Why does the City have to go for a full 1% tax rather than something that might have a chance of passing?

1/4 cent or 1/2 cent might fly.