Sunday, January 11, 2009

Don't Worry, I'm not the Opinion Diva

Randy Turner of The Turner Report has had a lot to say about business unusual at the Springfield News-Leader of late. I've found his thoughts interesting.

Here's the latest entry he's made on the subject: If Shopping Diva is the wave of the future it's time to shut the Springfield News-Leader down.

I agree with him that what Sarah Overstreet contributed to the Springfield News-Leader was more valuable (I think it's safe to say that's what he was getting at) than what "the shopping diva" contributes. Turner talked about the name "Shopping Diva" and, I'm with Turner, the term "diva," is a trendy sounding term. Diva, alone, is a real turn-off to me.

This is not to insult Michel, I suspect she didn't choose her column's title, it was more likely the News-Leader who christened her a "shopping diva" but, diva isn't anything I would want to be called, as a woman. I would be insulted. To me, it suggests the woman described thinks of herself as on a pedistal, like a queen, ruler of her domain. Merriam-Webster's first definition for "diva" is a prima donna, or, get this, "a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team," in other words, it's all about her. The etymology of a "diva" is: "Italian, literally, goddess, from Latin, feminine of divus divine, god," according to the same source, which then directs you to the word, deity. I wouldn't consider being a "diva" something to be proud of, myself, but, still, I understand it's trendy, in some circles, to be a diva, today.

I thought the timing was off, too. People are being laid off from their jobs across the country, as well as in Southwest Missouri. They are unsure about the future, many are buckling down. One could look at that from a couple of different angles, I guess. Those who are financially buckling down might appreciate advice on where to get the best bargains for purchases they are considering. On the other hand, they might resent the reminder that they cannot afford to look for bargains on unnecessary items when they are busy trying to pay their mortgages, utility bills and keep food on the table during a recession period.

I have nothing personal against Janet Michel, neither did Turner. I agree with Turner's assessment, she's just doing the job she was hired to do but, the last thing I want to read about, at the moment, is whether Michel thinks a frivolous item like an entertainment system is a good buy or not, and to have her tell me I should rush right to the store that was the source of the bargain to get one. They could mark the darned thing 75 percent off and it still wouldn't be in my budget at the moment.

Of course, most women wouldn't think attending City Council meetings was fascinating stuff either so, maybe I'm not the best example to use for a woman's view.

Anyway, I had some thoughts on the subject. Not sure why I thought it was important enough to blog about. I don't think of myself as the Opinion Diva or anything. I think someone else already holds that title but, don't tell him I said so. ;)


tom said...

ROFLMAO !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We very badly need a Diva.