Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Group Opposing the Passage of the Pension Sales Tax

I have requested additional information regarding a group which was formed to oppose passage of the police/fire pension sales tax.

The News-Leader reported on the group in the January 6 issue and again on January 7, but, information about the group was not quite as in depth as the reporting on the group formed to campaign for passage of the sales tax (not a slam on the News-Leader, it's likely they reported all of the information that was made available to them).

In the January 7 issue, the News-Leader reported Mr. Kenkel is the owner of Imo's Pizza, that information was later corrected. Mr. Kenkel is not the owner of Imo's Pizza.

The group, “New Jobs Not New Taxes,” appears to have only two members, Steven Reed and Jeff Kenkel, which begs the question: Do two people constitute a "group?"

At any rate, I am trying to get a bit more information regarding the group and its action plan to oppose the pension sales tax. If I receive a reply to my second request for information, I'll include that information right here, on this same entry with an annotated update.


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